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Rajan is a former monk of 12 years who can help guide those needing to learn an effective meditation technique

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About MonkFit

Meditation Designed by Monks

MonkFit began when I left the world in search of true meditation training. My journey as a young man searching for my own meaning and purpose in life transitioned from a wandering homeless seeker to intense monastic training near the end of 2006 at the age of 19. The years that followed were filled with a disciplined schedule of yoga, meditation, philosophical and theological ceremony and study, religious work and athletics—a path to self-mastery. 

How Meditation Can Help You

We all know meditation is the foundation of  a strong mind, and today people are using mindfulness to reduce stress, improve health and become more effective at work and home. The question then becomes how and when to do it.

See the Difference

MonkFit can help guide you into real meditation. Our specific style will help map out your mind so you know exactly where to go in meditation and when. 

Join the group sessions online and be a part of a small community consistently reaching their goals, get access to all of our meditation videos to use at your own convenience, or dive in with a personal session.