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Our Five Week Advanced Course: $500

MonkFit's five week course is designed to gradually teach you our monk-learned-method for effective meditation. The system is designed for Monday through Friday students who can spend approximately 30 minutes out of their day for each day's lesson. After the course students will be able to enroll in our monthly meditation subscription, allowing you to continue education and study directly with Raj. 

Each week ends with a test session to provide a baseline expectation of understanding before moving on to the next week. 

Week 1: Mental Color 

The first week of the program is designed to explore and assess your visualization capacity. The MonkFit meditation style requires one to navigate through the mind with ease, and that all begins with your ability to create and expand your mind's visual screen. 

Week 2: Shum Breathing

During week two we teach you the 3 breathing techniques needed for a complete MonkFit meditation in the Shum language. This language was created for the art of meditation and can explain a detailed practice to be performed in one word. 

The breathing to be learned is not easy for everyone and the techniques should be approached carefully. 

Week 3: Shum Preparation

The foundation of Shum is laid as body position and key concepts are explained.

Week 4: Color and Breathing

More complex concepts are introduced in week 4. The student learns how to visualize color while performing specific breathing protocols. 

Week 5: The Completion

The last level provides more than a week of advanced sessions and guides the student deeper into the Shum language while going over everything learned in greater detail. 

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